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July 18th 2018

Y6 Leavers Mass St Clare’s Church…

Governors, parents, staff and children from St Clare’s celebrated Y6 Leavers Mass together .

A special thank you to governor Mrs McCarthy, by Canon John Loughlin, on behalf of all the governors, staff, parents and children of St Clare’s School, in recognition of 42 years Mrs McCarthy, has been a governor at St Clare’s School as she steps down and will be greatly missed. 

Also the governors, staff and children, said a special thank you to Mrs Rehbolmn, as she leaves St Clare’s School at the end of this term to start her new role as Deputy Head at St Augustine’s School. 

July 17th 2018

Governors, parents and staff, enjoyed a lovely evening together watching a Y6 Leavers Show and afterwards enjoyed a BBQ.

June 30th 2018

Catholic Cup Bridlington

Fantastic Day…  St Clare’s Primary School, competed in the Catholic Cup at Bridlington. It was a great supporting both the boys and girls teams with  parents , staff​ and children of the St Clare’s family/community. The teams did  tremendously well in the competition and got through to the final rounds.With a nail biting finale the girls team won and brought the Catholic Cup back to St Clare’s School .

What a Fantastic Memorable Day!



Friday 8th June 2018

Foundation Governor Visit to Y2, during which I was invited also to speak with Ofsted RE Inspectors during a two day inspection at St Clare’s School.

Mrs P McGouran

Friday 9th March 2018

Foundation Governor Visit  / Arts and Design

Every class in school has designed their own story chair and tree within their classroom

Afternoon of Arts : All classes across the school took part attending at least two art workshops in different classrooms to include:

 Puppet Making
 Mask Making
 Drama and Dance
 Bunting
 Creating a Giant Collage
 Stick Story
 Victorians

Inspire to Learn / Scrapheap Challenge March 2018








Inspire to Learn Centre in Eston, children took part in the “Scrapheap Challenge”, recycling and making something for school which is environmentally friendly. St Clare’s Y5, spent the day learning how marketeers try to convince us to buy products by playing on value propositions for the target audience. After reviewing some current adverts and deconstructing how they had been designed, they took what had been learned and created their own design and short advert for a new LEGO . The idea was that the children would work in groups to identify what would interest the target audience; a huge list of possibilities from which they would work out a design. From the ensuing build the children then designed short adverts that mimicked what had been learned during the morning session.

Monday 29th January 2018

Governors/Directors Meeting –

Cannon Loughlin, Mr John Shipley, Mrs Phillipa McGouran, Mr Phil Jeffery attended a joint meeting at Trinity Catholic College, Saltersgill Road.
The Academy Boards of Our Lady of Light, St Hilda’s, St Oswald’s and Nicholas Postgate along with the governing body of St Pius X RC Primary School. 




21st December 2017
Attended St Clare’s School Christmas service at St Frances Church together with the children, parents, teachers and governors.


Friday 13th October 2017:
Supported St Clare’s School Y5&6 ​in Tag Rugby competition this afternoon at the Southland Centre.

Friday 13th October 2017:
Enjoyed a visit into Y2 class with Mrs Rehbolm and took part in collective worship in preparation for the Harvest Festival:
The children had prepared lots of questions, intrigued to find out more about their class governor, inquisitive to find out Do you like sprouts? Do you eat fruit? How old are you? Have you got children? Where do you work? What’s your favourite meal? Do you have a Pet? Made me smile the whole day!

Friday 15th July 2016
Governors, to join staff and families at the End of Year Leavers Mass Friday 15th July 9:30am St Clare’s Church.

Tuesday 12th July 2016,
Next meeting of the St Clare’s Primary School local management board at 4pm on Tuesday 12th July 2016, Canon J Loughlin (Chair), Mrs. J Smith Head teacher , Mr. J Bacon, Mrs. P McGovern, Mrs. M McCarthy, Mr J Shipley, Canon J Loughlin (Chair) Mrs. B Pritchard, Mrs. S O Driscoll, Mr. C Wilson.

Thursday 30th June 2016
Governors, staff, parents and Catechists joined Canon Loughlin celebrate a wonderful mass at St Francis Church, for the children in Y4, who recently made their First Holy Communion.
Congratulations!.first Holy Communion

Friday 27th May 2016

Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebrations at St Clare’s School!
Wonderful fun afternoon celebrating the Queens 90th Birthday with the children, parents, staff and governors of St Clare’s school, enjoying a party in the playground and a picnic on the field including crazy golf, bouncy castle and goal scoring competition…
Great start to the May half term holiday, lets hope the sun keeps shining!!


May 21st 2016

Catholic Primary Schools’ Cup Football Tournament
600 young players from over 35 schools as far afield as York, Hull and Scarborough, assembled at Trinity to take part in the Catholic Primary Schools’ Cup Football Tournament. Proud to see the great team spirit and sportsmanship shown today by St Clare’s football teams at this years Catholic Cup…you were all doing so well, just a shame rain stopped play!


Well Done to Y2/3 Tennis Stars who competed in the Middlesbrough Primary Schools Tennis Tournament, achieving first place at Trinity Catholic College on 11/5/16.
Thank you for a lovely afternoon.
Watch out Andy Murray!

Supported Miss Whites’ Y6 Hockey Team, at Macmillan Academy 18/5/16, competing in the Middlesbrough Primary Schools Hockey Competition, displayed skill attacking and defending: showed great sportsmanship, when narrowly beaten in the play offs.
What a Team!!
1st Match St Clare’s > Berwick Hills 1-0
2nd Match St Clare’s > Lingfield 3-0
3rd Match St Clare’s > Pallister Park 0-2
4th Match St Clare’s > Green Lane 2-0
Round Robin
1st Pallister Park
2nd St Clare’s
3rd Green Lane
4th Berwick Hills
5th Lingfield

Play Offs St Clare’s > Ayresome 0-1
Finals St Edwards > Pallister Park 0-1
Mrs P McGouran


Thursday 17th March
Had the opportunity to drop by and see Year 6,competing in the Inter-school’s Netball Competition, this afternoon at Middlesbrough College. A nail biting finish,with a penalty shootout …St Clare’s School took the trophy.
Mrs P McGouran

Tuesday 23rd February.

Mrs McCarthy attended the funeral of Hazel Pearson on Thursday 18th February. She joined a packed congregation at St Mary’s.  Cllr Pearson was a governor and great support to St Clare’s for many years.

Friday 12th Feb

Lovely to join in Pink and Red day today. So many rewards for such good work. Well done to everyone!

Mrs McCarthy

st hilda

Wednesday 3rd February 2016

St Hilda’s Catholic Academy Mass

Governors of St Clare’s School, joined St Clare’s children, staff,  parents, from the community of schools in Middlesbrough, to celebrate St Hilda’s Catholic Academy Trust, with a special mass at Middlesbrough Cathedral this morning with Canon Loughlin.
Mrs B Pritchard, Mrs S O Driscoll, Mrs P McGouran and Mrs M McCarthy.

Sunday 31st January 2016

Year 4 children celebrated with Canon Loughlin, in a Family Mass at St Francis Church this morning, as they prepare for their Sacrament of Holy Communion in June.  Parents, Teachers, Governors, Catechists, all attended to support the children taking part in Readings, Bidding Prayers and the Offertory today. Mrs P McGouran, Mr Shipley.

Wednesday 27th January 2016

In school this morning to see Year 3 children, enjoying a Judo taster session, in this morning’s PE lesson, delivered by [email protected], did you know, the word Judo consists of two Japanese characters “Ju” which means gentle and “Do” which means “the way”. So Judo means the way of gentleness. I’m sure they’ll all want to sign up to the Judo Club!! Mrs P.McGouran
marvellous me

Marvellous Me !!
Look forward to receiving updates with the new “Marvellous me” App, download
www.marvellousme.com Mrs P McGouran

Tuesday 26th January 2016
Attended the second Catechist meeting this evening, with Canon Loughlin, parents, teachers, preparing the children in Year 4, to make their First Holy Communion Sacrament. Mrs P. McGouran

Wednesday 20th January 2016
Wonderful morning …helped with guided reading with the Year 3 children, also Mental Maths, topic today Calculating Area and Perimeter, of different shapes. Finished the morning with English Topic 2A and 4A Adjective Sentence Building.
Mrs P McGouran

Tuesday 19th January 2016
St Hilda’s Catholic Academy Trust Governance Conference…Governors and teachers from St Clare’s School, joined the community of schools from Middlesbrough, tonight at Trinity Catholic College.
Mrs B Pritchard, Mrs P McGouran, Mr Shipley, Mrs M McCarthy, Mr Bacon, Mr Wilson, Canon Loughlin, Mrs H Bell, Miss V White and Mrs J Smith

Wednesday January 13th 2016
Happy New Year…enjoyed coming into school today and joining Year 3 children working hard after the Christmas break with Miss Reevell, Mrs Beamson and Mr Bell. Mrs P McGouran

Sunday 29th November 2015
Parents, Teachers, Governors, Catechists, celebrated this morning in a Family Mass at St Clare’s Church, as Year 4 children joined Canon Loughlin, on the alter for the first Sunday of Advent, to light their baptismal candles, in preparation of their First Holy Communion Sacrament .Mrs P. McGouran

Wednesday 25th November 2015
I had the pleasure to join Mrs Smith, who taught in Year 3 classroom this morning, helping the children improve letter formation with handwriting practice, mental maths and in RE recognising symbols of the Jewish religion inside a Synagogue, finishing off the morning with a guided reading session before lunch. Mrs P. McGouran

Friday 20th November 2015
A very interesting and informative day  at the synagogue today, learning all about similarities and differences between faiths.
Mrs McCarthy and Mrs Pritchard

Wednesday 18th November 2015
Enjoyed a guided reading session with Year 3 children before joining them in a rehearsal for Fridays school assembly, during a visit into school this morning. Mrs P. McGouran

Monday 16th November 2015
I attended a Training and Development update session tonight, Interpreting Raise Online Data with, Mags Colley, Head of Achievement, through the Governor Development Service, very informative. Mrs P. McGouran

Monday 16th November 2015
I have been with Mrs Smith and the Health and Safety officer today and I am pleased to say that the new Early Years play area has the thumbs up and is ready for the children to enjoy. Mrs McCarthy.

Wednesday 11th November 2015
Lovely to join my class with the Durham University students today. I leant all about what it might be like if we had to go to hospital. Mrs McCarthy

Wednesday 11th November 2015
Attended a training update session, through the Governor Development Service, on Engaging Parents and shared the good practice of St Clare’s School … will feedback at the school Governors, meeting on 24/11/15
Mrs. P. McGouran

Wednesday 4th November 2015
Attended a Training and Development update session, on Governor Visits and Protocol Policy, through the Governor Development Service, very informative, enjoyed catching up other Governor’s from teaching alliance schools sharing good practice and will feedback at the St Clare’s Governors, meeting on 24/11/15
Mrs. P. McGouran

Wednesday 4th November 2015
Maths, English, French and Science experiments and its not even lunch time …
Thank-you, Yre 3, Miss Reevell and Mrs Beamson, for inviting me into your classroom this morning.
It was so much fun, engaging with the children, who quickly brought me up to speed, with all their recent class topics and work books.
The children were all eager to speak in French, to three French visiting teachers, Isabelle Besson, Helene Mufti and Anne Laure Fure, from Ecole de Lusigny and Leonard de Ninci, Moulins. I’ve learnt so many new French words, for different parts of the body, from the children using skeleton drawings. We also played lotto, counting in French and confidently sang a number of songs with actions, all in French, very impressive!


Looking forward to coming back into school next week, to see the results of your science experiment, together with Yre 4 and Mrs Price !

Many Thanks
Mrs P. McGouran

July 10th 2015

Thank you to the parents who are joining with governors to meet with the RE inspector on Friday, we appreciate you taking time out to talk about your experience of school.

June 25th 2015
Data sharing with governors this morning. Thanks Mr Bacon

June 25th 2015
Thanks everyone for The St Clare’s Healthy Bake Off! Well done to the winners of the various categories- savoury Y1, cakeY4, outdoor food Y5, and overall winner Y3. Fantastic Morning and great learning all linked in with keeping fit and healthy during National Sport week. It was a privilege to be judges, you all deserve a treat! Mrs Rodgers and Mrs McCarthy.

June 24th 2015
Thanks to governor Mr Wilson for spending the morning without bursar going through our accounts.

June 19th 2015- Something fishy going on in Y4! Thanks Y4 for a great morning taking a closer look at fish- fantastic! Mrs O’Driscoll.

Catholic Primary Schools Cup Football Tournament

Great day with the children, parents and staff, who travelled down to St Richards’s Voluntary Catholic Academy, in Hull, to take part in the Catholic Primary Schools Cup, Football Tournament on Saturday 9th May.
Both the girls and boys teams played really well.

Mrs. P. McGouran

May 2015 Governor News

Thank You

We say a very big thank you to Councillor Hazel Pearson OBE as at the age of 91 she has retired from her council duties. Mrs Pearson has served on our governing body as a Local Authority representative for many years. We are grateful for her wisdom, time and support to the school.

Sadly Mrs Pearson is ill in hospital at the moment, our vice-chair, Mrs McCarthy and I recently visited her and we are pleased to relay the news that she is in marvellous spirits, we enjoyed a lovely trip down memory lane.

I have promised that we will be keeping her in our prayers and I ask you, our families, to do the same. I know this will mean such a lot to her.


We welcome Mr Wilson to the school governing body as a parent governor. Mr Wilson is dad to Matthew in Y2. Mr Wilson has a wealth of experience in accountancy and finance and I am sure will be a real asset to St Clare’s School Governing Body.

Carlton Residential-A fantastic week at Carlton, thanks to all the staff for working so hard for the children, it was great for me to see what goes on and just how much the children learn. Mr Bacon

February 10th safer Internet Day- Thanks children for sharing how you keep safe online. Mrs O’Driscoll

Mrs McCarthy, Vice Chair and Reception Class Governor , 5th February 2015
Thanks Mrs Robson and the Reception children for letting me join in with you PE lesson today. You are very good at following instructions and you can really jump!

Parent Governor Sheila O’Driscoll Thursday 20th November

I have had a brilliant day with the children experiencing the Ten theatre group. The important messages about bullying for Y5 and Y6, gifts in Y3 and Y4 and how to find real happiness in Reception, Y1 and Y2 really made the children and the adults think!

Foundation Governor Visit Arts and Design
Invited by Mrs Traylen and Year 2 class, to see the Art & Design work, created by the children across St Clare’s School.

Art Topics:
Year Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat.
Year 2 children very welcoming, attentive, polite and well behaved, listening to the story of Joseph and his Amazing Coat, through interactive teaching e.g. film, audio, colourful power point images and asking lots of questions.

Year 2        Year 2 : Picture This – Complete the picture —

Half the picture is given to the children,  they then complete the picture, imagining  what the complete drawing will be , using their imagination.

year 3



Year 3: We belong to the Family of God.

First Holy Communion, preparation, “We belong to the Family of God”, children illustrating their own family.

Year 3: Ancient Egypt

Designing and making their own patterns to print, based on Egyptian art work.


Year 4 : Children engaged looking at Art through different media, cutting patterns of a self portrait and gluing it back to create various shapes.

Thank You for a lovely afternoon, Year 2 and Year 4 children, Mrs Traylen/Mrs Preddy.

Mrs P McGouran


Tuesday 1st July 2014Dance Club

After School Club…Dance Yre 2-6

Wonderful to see so many talented street dancers, having fun rehearsing for the dance festival on Monday 7th July.

Watch out Diversity!!

Mrs P McGouran

I received a fantastic letter from the year 5 pupils explaining all of the work they were doing. It sounded so interesting I had to visit.


I managed to get a little time out of work so called in on 15/05. I was completely bowled over by the reception which I received and the enthusiasm of the class. At times I was swamped by children!

I only wish that I had more time in class and promised to come back as soon as possible. Mr Bacon


Thursday 19th June 2014

 19/6/2014 Year 2 visit to Raby Castle taking a glimpse into life as a Lord,Lady and servant in the castle .

Thursday 19th June 2014  Year 2 visit to Raby Castle

Visited Raby Castle, with year 2 children. Enjoyed a guided tour, making history come alive through story telling , as the children took a glimpse of life as a Lord, Lady and Servants within the castle ..
Had a fun day!
Mrs P McGouran


Wednesday 18th June 2014

Memories More Precious than Gold …Year 2 class assembly today, shared wonderful memories of their Grandparents, through story, music, song, dance, photo media images,  joined by Mrs Smith, parents, governors and the rest of the school children… handkerchiefs ready!!




Mrs P McGouran

Wednesday 6th June 2014

Good to be on board and great to see the new IT screens in action.

Mrs P McGouran

Wednesday 14th May 2014

Wednesday 14th May 2014 Year 1 visit to The Moors National Park Centre, Danby,North Yorkshire.

Wednesday 14th May 2014
Year 1 visit to The Moors National Park Centre, Danby, North Yorkshire.

If you go down to the wood …….today, I accompanied the Year 1 children, Mrs Bruton and Mrs White, on a school visit to The Moors National Park Centre Danby.The children enjoyed lots of fun activities using map skills, to follow clues posted around the wood, based on the Gruffalo story, by Julia Donaldson.

Mrs P McGouran

Thursday 29th May 2014

Thank you to Foundation Governors, Mrs McGouran and Mr Bacon, who have volunteered to relay information to families about the work of the governors.

Healthy School
Inclusions Quality
Echo Silver Award
Quality Mark
St Hildas
School games
Arts Council

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