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Year 1

Our teacher is Miss Carr. Mrs White is our Teaching Assistant.

my maths

The Magic Key Five and six year olds will love these literacy games. Set around the Oxford Reading Tree characters, children can practise where the full stops and capital letters go and have fun too.

Barnaby Bear Two good stories for children about this well known character who spends his life visiting different places. The stories help to develop children’s understanding about how places differ.

Aesop’s Fables Watch and listen to animated versions of four of Aesop’s most famous stories about animals.

Sebastian Swan Eight simple stories about animals, beautifully illustrated with digital photographs. This is a particularly popular website which has been created by Kent County Council.

ICT Games A huge range of mathematical games that focus on supporting pupils’ understanding of different areas covered in the Key Stage 1 mathematics curriculum.

Higher Lower A great site for helping children to put numbers in order of size. There are two set of activities: the easiest ones on the left should be chosen for this age group.

Spooky numbers Send the ghosts back to the den by finding the missing number in a simple sequence. A simple activity that assists children to understand how to count forwards and backwards in units of ten.

http://resources.oswego.org/games/ClassClock/clockres.html A great interactive clock to help you tell the time.

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