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Development plan for Collective Worship 2017-2018

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We place Christ at the centre of all we do and  therefore Collective Worship is crucial in developing a way for children to develop a relationship with Christ and come to know him better.


Canon Loughlin, our parish priest celebrates mass in school and welcomes us to join weekday parish masses. The children journeying towards First Holy Communion join with both St Clare’s and St Francis’ parish at Sunday mass several times throughout the school year. All staff are committed to encouraging and supporting our children play an active role in the parish community.

Collective Worship and Assembly Timetable

Monday Whole School Worship 9am
Wednesday Key Stage 1 Collective Worship  9am
Thursday Key Stage 2 Collective Worship 9am
Friday House Assembly 2:45pm                      

Whole School Collective Worship

The Head Teacher leads whole school in Collective Worship every Monday. The theme is closely linked with the liturgical year so that all members of the school community have an understanding of the readings, colours and messages we listen to and see on Sunday at mass. Our year 6 children read the Sunday gospel and our choir leads us in our collective worship so that it is vibrant and reflective experience.

Please refer to our RE termly calender. Autumn and Spring term calender 2018


Key Stage Worship

Our tecahers all lead Collective Worship. Key Stage Collective Worship takes place on Wednesday and Thursday. The teachers lead worship by using the ‘Statements to Live By’  and the weekly gospel message which is a resource to explain the Catholic teachings to children in a way in which they can live out in their daily lives.


Class Worship

Teachers in school seek to empower children, they lead and model good practice and also give them the opportunity to participate, take ownership of their learning and develop their own relationship with God. Teachers aim to give children a real voice in planning, leading and evaluating worship. In a Christian sense it is important for us all to look to children as having an important role to play in leading the faith community; Jesus welcomed children and used them as models of faith for his followers and so should we.

Enhancing the Prayer Life of the Children

Please click on the link to find out how we aim to enhance the prayer life of all our children: Enhancing the Prayer Life

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