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The Arts

Here at St Clare’s we make a commitment to making sure that children are given a rich curriculum that allows them to enjoy learning about and through the Arts.

Music, drama, dance and art are all carefully planned and specialist teachers are regular visitors to the school. Recently we have and are still working closely with Tees Valley Music, Apollo Arts, Artist-Sue Stainthorpe, More Than Dance- a liturgical dance company, Tim Harrison-pianist and we are members of Middlesbrough Dance Consortium and The Children’s University.

We offer Brass, Violin and Woodwind lessons to our KS2 children.

We are very pleased that our commitment to The Arts has been recognised by receiving the Arstmark award in October 2013. Thank you to Mrs Traylen, our Arts subject leader, for leading the school to achieve this nationwide recognised school status.

Artsmark is Arts Council England’s flagship programme to enable schools and other organisations to evaluate, strengthen and celebrate their arts and cultural provision.

Comments from the Artsmark Assessor


I enjoyed my visit to the school, which has excellent, colourful displays everywhere, and the pupils I met all spoke with confidence and enthusiasm about their arts and creative activities. I could tell that the school genuinely values and considers the quality of its creative work, both in arts specific lessons and in the broader creative curriculum.

The school is keen to identify and challenge its artistically able pupils.

On my tour of the school I was impressed by the excellent textile and felt wall hangings which are a particular feature of the school.The school definitely sees the arts as an entitlement for all students.

The Children

As we went round the school we heard a pupil playing the guitar really well in Assembly.

The two children who took me on a tour of the school were keen to regale me with things they remembered from history because of active, arts based learning!

The group of children I met were all keen to tell me about their experience of the arts in the school, and clearly all felt confident of being heard if they had any issues or suggestions to raise.

The Staff and Governors

I met the governor with responsibility for the arts in the school, and she showed me her ‘reports’ which she prepares by walking round the school and then putting comments and thoughts into a leaflet with photographs, which she presents to the other governors quarterly. I was impressed!

The school definitely sees the arts as an entitlement for all students. At my visit I met the Artsmark lead who co-ordinates arts in general across the school, and the music co-ordinator, and the governor who has particular responsibility for the arts, as I detailed in my previous comment. From our conversation, and from my observations of work around the school, I could see that the staff team take time and effort to reflect seriously on the arts provision, to ensure best delivery for the school.

The Community

The school endeavours to introduce its pupils to other cultures in a positive and constructive way. I think the visit to the synagogue and the use of artworks there to inspire school activities is very positive.

St Clare’s is very embedded in community celebrations and events. Also, besides the more usual family and religious festivals, the school actively engages with the local offer, such as competitions and events at MIMA, the Middlesbrough art gallery.

This school meets and surpasses the Artsmark requirements.


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