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Stars of the Week


Behaviour and Attendance Cup Awards



 Each week, we will be looking to see which class has the best behaviour around school and in our community and the best attendance.


House Points 

Every child belongs to one of our 4 house groups, with brothers and sisters belonging to the same house. Children are rewarded with house points for their team when they do their best and show good behaviour.

Each week, during our House Assembly, the totals are announced and a cup is presented to the winning team.

The points are then converted into Championship points which lead to special treats and rewards.

 Our 4 House Groups

andrew   david  patrick george

  St Andrew                 St David                  St Patrick                   St George

Top Table

A very popular award is our Top Table award for excellent manners. This award means you get to choose a friend to sit on our super smart table for lunch.

Sunshine Tickets

Sunshine tickets are given to children for making other people and themselves smile. It might be excellent effort and achievement, an act of kindness or simply being helpful. We spot children every day going that extra mile and they shine so we reward children with a sunshine ticket. All the tickets go into a prize draw each week and one is picked to receive a special prize. Last term the children really enjoyed winning tickets to the Boro matches! There are no limits to the amount of sunshine tickets you can receive.


We all look forward to House Assembly!


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