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St Clare’s is an inclusive school. We are keen to make sure all our children achieve their full potential and make every attempt to ensure children are supported in our practice. We have recently achieved the Inclusion Quality Mark.  The Inclusion Quality Mark process provides a complete picture of what is happening in a school in a format which is understandable to everyone. Here is the report summary.


Assessment Date: 20.05.2013


The Head Teacher of St Clare’s RC Primary School, supported by a strong Senior Management Team and governing body, presents a quietly confident, calm yet resolute leadership style which is enabling the ‘outstanding’ status, recognised in the school’s 2007 Ofsted rating, to be maintained.

Efficient and effective management systems are in place, and there are strategies to ensure the progress of all children. Documentation is high quality, and interventions broadly effective: any with more limited success are abandoned. The school’s ethos and mission statement are well-embedded in the learning and behaviour of children, and the school’s vision is fully inclusive.

The academic standards achieved by all children, their exemplary behaviour and their awareness of and sensitivity to the needs of others, indicate that the school’s inclusive vision is being realised. The school presents as harmonious in every respect and there is an intimacy and familiarity about the needs of the children which provides a calm and secure backdrop to their individualised learning. The calm and harmonious atmosphere belies the immense effort needed to ensure that systems work, and that all children progress optimally. There is a reassuring focus on the emotional and spiritual needs of the children. Staff present as kind and supportive, and genuinely concerned about the welfare of children in their care.

In ensuring ‘Quality First’ teaching and devoting energy and time into curriculum differentiation, the school has widened its approach to inclusion, which is concerned with all children and not simply a group of children with SEN. Access for all children is integral to the way the curriculum is delivered, and support is available in a timely fashion to any child whether the needs are transitory or long lasting.  The efficient use of finite resources has been a significant challenge to a school, as additional funding has been restricted because of particular socio-economic factor in the area. However, the improvements in achievement, behaviour and social/emotional adjustment are
testament to the success of current strategies and approaches.

I am of the opinion that the school fully meets the standard required by the Inclusion Quality Mark.  I recommend that the school be awarded the Mark and be reassessed in 3 years’ time.

Assessor:   Janet Philpott

Findings confirmed by Inclusion Quality Mark Ltd

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