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Leave of absence in term time

Important Information

Following Local Authority and Government guidance we will no longer authorise holidays during term.  You are required by law to ensure that your child attends school regularly.

The Head Teacher’s authorisation for leave of absence in term time may be given in special/exceptional circumstances but this must be discussed with school a leave of absence form should be completed and signed by each parent/carer with parental responsibility at least two weeks prior to the requested period of absence.

Head teachers are no longer allowed to authorise holidays during term time. With effect from September 2015, holiday rotas or holidays set by an employer is no longer an acceptable reason for absence, even if supported by a letter from an employer.

Any absence taken without the permission of the Head Teacher will be recorded as unauthorised absence in the school register, which is a legal document.

The Education Welfare Service issue Penalty Notices under section 23 of the Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003 to each parent/carer for each child’s unauthorised absence due to a holiday in term time.

Please follow the link to read about the changes that have been made to attendance regulations .

Department for Education – Attendance


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